Friday, August 24, 2012

3, the 2, and a 1 -- Diesels, the Downeasters, and a Cabbage

Midday Downeasters Calling on Saco, ME August 17, 2012

The second northbound Downeaster of the day, #683 called at Saco, ME 20 minutes beyond its 1:05 pm time.

Amtrak 822 in aging Phase III paint pulled while Cabbage 90220 followed.

The third southbound Downeaster (#684) was due at 1:12 pm but was delayed in the passing siding just north of town due to 683's tardiness.  The first picture below was taken at 1:23 pm.

The surprise was that 122 was leading the southbound instead of a cabbage.  Amtrak 195 was pushing as expected.  Both diesels were running increasing the operating cost.  Well, she should be able to make up time! 

Two train sets are required to meet the Downeaster's schedule of five round daily trips.  The sets overnight in Portland.  I've shown you both ends of both sets for this August early afternoon at Saco since the midday trains meet at at the siding just north of Saco (pronounced sock-oh).  Not a bad show for 15 minutes!  3 diesels, the 2 Downeasters, and a cabbage.

 Marty Bernard

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